sabato 12 aprile 2014

In progress 01

This is the "ugly fase" of my paintings, when i try to mach colours, values, darks/lights, form and proportions, all at once. I also build my range of contrast, searching the darkest dark and the lightest light, relative to the subject, and between the subjet and the rest, let we say, between the vore ground and bach groung. I consider back ground everything not in the center of interest.
At this stage i can only put shadows of light or dark trying to katch the reality of form and proportions. The method i use with this technique is not, as you can immagine, the same i normally use to paint a realist portrait, i put colours on the canvas with rapid touches, filling the space left-right between the lines of the raster, the colour change rapidly and i constantly have to mix new nouances to mach Reality.

In progress 01

Colours Palette

Like many athers i like to use my glass palette, i have a new aone not jet shaded, it will become asap a grey colour on the back side, for now works well.

Glass palette.
Tis is my plen air palette i use when i'm outdoors, its little and light on the hand, i wear it the "wrong" way with the four fingers holding the left side, gray coloured and very shiny.

Outdoor palette for plein air sessions - Light and handy.

This one is a bigger model i use when i need more colours for my works, bigger painting outdoors or indoor. The problem is that with colours on it it weight a lot, i have an idea i hope to show you in a next post.

Bigger classical palette to contain more colours - Heavy.

lunedì 7 aprile 2014

An old portable palette

This is one of my favourite palette, i bought it with a plein-air easel and the artist who owned before me used it the wrong side, the right side is untouched and ready to use! See the tricks.
Palette closed

The right side!

The joint.

This nail give one half centimeter space for oil colours 


I'm back after a loooong pause, i started a new business and now i have the time to dedicate my precious time to what i consider "gasoline" for my soul, ART.
Today a started an old painting again, sanded it, started painting, i put the brush on the canvas and started to smell the good materials of oil paintings like linseed oil and canadian balsam.
I used an improvvised palette made of glass, i will paint next days the bottom of a neutral colour like Paynes Grey, just a little more light, to mach the colours better.